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Top 10 Benefits of Thermomix®

Thermomix® has revolutionised the way home cooking is done. Whether you’re a busy parent, a culinary enthusiast, a single person climbing the corporate ladder, or love good food, Thermomix® offers a solution that transforms mealtime into a delightful journey. Let’s explore how Thermomix® revolutionises home cooking for every background and lifestyle.

1. Saves Money and Space in the Kitchen 

Thermomix® is the ultimate kitchen multitasker that replaces over 20 kitchen appliances, saving valuable space in any kitchen and most importantly, money. From blending smoothies to steaming vegetables, from cooking rice to making ice cream, Thermomix® does it with its compact design and versatile functionality.

No matter if you’re a health-conscious vegan making nut milk and butter, a culinary enthusiast grinding spices for intricate flavours, or a busy parent prepping meals ahead of time, Thermomix® caters to your lifestyle needs effortlessly.

Thermomix® multi-layer cooking feature allows you to prepare elaborate 3-course meals in a fraction of the time, reclaiming precious moments with your loved ones. 

Discover the endless possibilities of Thermomix® by exploring our complete playlist, showcasing its versatility and innovation here for functions and here for modes.

2. Endless Culinary Inspiration with Thermomix® and Cookidoo App

Cookidoo has over 96,000 international recipes at your fingertips, ready to fulfil your cravings, from comforting classic dishes to seeking inspiration for a new culinary adventure.

Accessible via mobile phone and desktop, Cookidoo ensures you never run out of recipe ideas. Regardless of your dietary requirements or health concerns, there’s a recipe tailored to meet your needs, guaranteeing delicious meals for every occasion.

Watch here how to effortlessly create your own recipes on Cookidoo.

Try Cookidoo for free today! Download the app via App Store or Google play and step into a world of flavour.

3. Effortless Meal Preparation

Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to streamlined meal planning with Thermomix® and Cookidoo. Together, they make home cooking ten times easier, simplifying everything from weekly meal planning to efficient grocery shopping and organising healthy, balanced meals for the whole family—all while minimising mess in the kitchen.

Here’s how it works in just three simple steps:

  • Effortlessly Discover Recipes
    Open the Cookidoo app and explore various recipes. Easily search for recipes by entering specific ingredients or using the filter feature and add them directly to your weekly calendar. Check out our short tutorial here for a quick guide.
  • Efficient Shopping and Pantry Management
    Once you’ve selected your recipes,  ingredients to your shopping list. Take a quick inventory of your pantry to remove any items you already have, helping to reduce food waste and unnecessary purchases. Watch a quick tutorial here.
  • Seamless Cooking Experience
    With your ingredients prepped and ready, head to your Thermomix®. Access the recipes for the day, conveniently stored in the machine’s weekly recipe section by clicking the calendar icon. Anyone tasked with cooking can easily follow the step-by-step instructions. 

4. Easy to Use

Thermomix® provides an exceptional cooking experience with its user-friendly interface, suitable for chefs of all ages and skill levels. Simply put—if you can read, you can use Thermomix®. With its guided cooking feature, Thermomix® simplifies the entire cooking process, offering step-by-step instructions that ensure flawless results every time. Even for tricky techniques, Thermomix® provides on-screen videos to guide you through each step with ease.

Seasoned chefs or a kitchen novice alike, Thermomix® empowers everyone to create culinary masterpieces with confidence and ease.

Watch a 6-year-old make a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie with minimal supervision here.

5. Stress-Free Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen mess is a thing of the past with Thermomix® self-cleaning function.

Set the Thermomix® to Pre-clean mode according to what it cooked (i.e.: dough, caramel or fat, or a universal cleaning session for light usage) to achieve the ultimate cleaning result. In contrast, traditional cooking requires multiple pans, pots, and utensils, leaving your kitchen with many things to clean and robbing you of precious time you’d rather spend with your loved ones.

Watch the cleaning function video here.

6. Budget-Friendly Healthy Culinary Excellence at Home

Thermomix® isn’t just about saving time and space in the kitchen—it’s about bringing healthy culinary perfection into your home. Thermomix® gives you full control of your meals, ensuring you and your family can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its precise temperature control, efficient surgical-grade knife, and built-in scale guarantee consistent and delicious results every time you step into the kitchen.

Moreover, the recipes available on Cookidoo undergo meticulous testing by chefs, recipe developers, and Thermomix® experts. This ensures you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home without the restaurant price tag.

Curious to see Thermomix® in action? Watch us prepare a 3-course gourmet Valentine’s dinner for a fraction of the cost here.

7. Sustainable Food Consumption

Join the movement towards sustainability by embracing eco-friendly cooking practices with Thermomix®, minimising single-use packaging, and promoting homemade alternatives. Save time and money with Thermomix® efficient meal preparation and portion control features, reducing food waste and unnecessary spending.

Watch our Zero-Waste YouTube episode here to see how Thermomix® can change our food consumption.

8. Community Support

Connect with fellow food enthusiasts within Thermomix® friendly community, sharing recipes, tips, and inspiration for culinary adventures.

Follow our social media channels to access content filled with tips, invitations to in-person and online events, and the latest news and promotions.

9. More Time for Enjoyment

With Thermomix®, you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying delicious meals with loved ones. Rediscover the joy of cooking and savour every moment with Thermomix® as your trusted kitchen companion.

10. Earn a Thermomix® and Money

If you’re one step away from buying Thermomix®, we encourage you to look into how you can earn a free Thermomix® by becoming a Thermomix® Consultant in the UAE. Once you earn your TM6, you can start earning commissions on your succeeding sales. Get in touch to learn more.

Whatever your cooking style, culinary aspirations, or dietary requirements, Thermomix® offers a solution that simplifies mealtime and enhances your cooking experience. Embrace the convenience, versatility, and joy of Thermomix® and unlock a world of culinary possibilities in your own home.

Need more convincing? Please read what our real customers say about us here.



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