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Cookidoo® Has to Offer

Explore All Our Recipes

Discover All
Has to Offer
Explore All Our Recipes

Discover Cookidoo® - The World’s Largest Guided Recipe Library

Our innovative recipe platform Cookidoo® makes choosing what to cook quick and easy.  Effortless cooking and success with any recipe are synonymous with using Cookidoo®, where planning and preparing perfect dishes becomes a seamless experience. It is a fast way to taste new dishes and exceptional homemade food. And that’s not all – Cookidoo® let’s you involve others, share your ideas and recipes with your friends, and cook together with them.

Thousands of Recipes – Endless Inspiration


Your Thermomix® Soulmate

Best friend of our all-in-one kitchen appliance – Cookidoo® serves as the perfect culinary companion to the Thermomix® TM6. It enhances your cooking experience with an array of meticulously curated recipes and culinary inspiration.


Free Trial

Experience the culinary wonders of our largest guided recipe library Cookidoo® for a sumptuous six-month journey. Absolutely complimentary, with a purchase of new Thermomix® TM6.

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Tested by Professionals

Every single recipe on Cookidoo® has undergone meticulous testing and refinement. All conducted by our team of seasoned professional chefs.


Explore New Cuisines

Explore the Cookidoo® recipe platform for your Thermomix®.

With over 95,000 international recipes across more than 20 languages, you’ll never be stuck for what to cook. The largest guided recipe library Cookidoo® helps cook on any level to success with right recipes in less time. For guaranteed success, each dish is designed and tested by our expert Thermomix® recipe development team.


Simplify Your Life with Cookidoo®

Your Cookidoo® account lets you save your favourite recipes, schedule meals via a weekly planner, customise your portions, and even add personal notes to recipes. Plus, with Cookidoo® guiding you through each recipe step by step, you can be confident in your culinary creations.

As Cookidoo® is suitable for both desktop and mobile, your personal collections and planned recipes are always just a click away, ensuring that meal preparation is a breeze anytime, anywhere.


Get Creative and Share your Delight with Others

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Share Your Creations

We did it! Now effortlessly share your Cookidoo® creations using our new sharing feature. You can share via your go-to social media channel or quickly copy the link on web or mobile. Send your favourite recipes to loved ones today – because shared recipes bring shared joy!

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Enhanced Import Feature

In addition, you can now save time & effort with the improved Created Recipes importer.  After importing a recipe from external recipe community sites, Cookidoo® automatically recognises its Thermomix® settings and ingredients. Spend less time editing, enjoy more time cooking your imported creations!


How many Thermomix® machines can connect to the same Cookidoo® account?

You can connect up to five Thermomix® TM5 or TM6 machines to the same Cookidoo® account.

The Cookidoo® recipes come in the language that they are posted in. Sometimes the same recipe is available in different languages. You can use Google Translate to translate recipes on your smartphone and follow the step by step instructions on your Thermomix®.

It is possible to save up to 3 languages as your default languages and be able to see recipes in these languages on your Thermomix®, Cookidoo® app and Cookidoo® website. 

Use the filters on your Cookidoo® account to find recipes easily. Alternatively, search for recipes that include or exclude a specific ingredient.

It ‘s important to select your country of residence when you create your Cookidoo® account. You have access to all recipes worldwide whatever your country of residence is.

If you live in the UAE and you purchased your Thermomix® here you can contact us for any assistance you will need regarding your Cookidoo® account. 

If you move to a different country, you can change the country of residence from within your Cookidoo® account. Please note that when moving to certain regions such as USA or Australia, you will need to create a new Cookidoo® account, or ask us to move your account to that region.

There are more than 95,000 recipes from different countries and in different languages on Cookidoo®.

You can search and find recipes using a recipe’s name or by a comprehensive set of the filters.

You can modify recipes and save them, or you can add your own recipes so other people in your household can cook them too.

Please not that you cannot share your recreated recipes at the moment.

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Download Cookidoo®

Download our largest guided recipe library Cookidoo® app to unlock an extensive library of more than 95,000 recipes, streamline your meal planning, and effortlessly organise your grocery list, all conveniently accessible via your smartphone.

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