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Thermomix User Manuals

With all kitchen and electrical appliances, there is inherent risk of injury. It’s important appliances are used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and user manual. You can download your user manual below.


Why do I need a demo/consultant?

Having a Thermomix® demonstration will help you to understand how to use your Thermomix® faster and make full use of your appliance. You could also reach out to your consultant for any questions/ inquiries you might have.

We have a fixed price policy. Thermomix® is a premium product that does not need to be discounted to be sold.

We don’t have a policy of seasonal offers. We do have special offers sometimes, with value added items, but these are not related to any seasonality or specific timings. The offers are strictly available during the advertised period and while stock lasts.

We do not sell Thermomix® Friend in UAE at the moment.

You can use the Thermomix® Friend manually in conjunction with your Thermomix®; i.e. you will need to specify time/temperature/speed manually.

We don’t have a trade-in program at the moment, but you could sell your old Thermomix® in the market for a fair price, which could be better than any trade-in price offered.

We always welcome new people in our team. You can reach us through our website, call the office or through your consultant for more information.

We will train you, help you set up your Thermomix® business and support you along the way. As a Thermomix® consultant you work independently, enjoying flexible hours, you have excellent rewards, meet new people and you earn prizes and gifts based on your activity, while having fun working with the team.

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