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Thermomix® in UAE

Thermomix® was introduced in UAE in 2007 and it goes from strength to strength ever since. The Thermomix® community is growing every day and the support and positive feedback we receive from it is unbelievable!

Introducing Healthy Eating To Many More People Is Our Mission

Living in a country were busy lifestyles are the norm and fast food is easily available and accessible everywhere, we want to present people with healthier alternatives. Teamed with doctors, nutritionists and chefs our mission is to introduce many more families and individuals to healthy eating and wholesome food from fresh ingredients on a daily basis.

With the Thermomix® healthy food tastes great, it can be free of additives and preservatives, it is easy to prepare and can nourish and delight. Introducing children and young people into quality, healthy food that can be prepared quickly, easily and hassle free, opens new doors to their future lifestyles and greatly improves their chances of leading healthier lives for them and their future families.

We will be very proud to contribute in any way in eliminating lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity and to demonstrate that good health is still a choice!

HEALTHY OPTIONS GENERAL TRADING L.L.C in UAE as well as our representatives and consultants in Kuwait will be happy to introduce you in the healthy lifestyle of Thermomix®.

For any further details please contact us on: info@thermomix-me.com

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