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Thermomix Cutter

AED 600


Product Specifications

What might a potato gratin, coleslaw and a variety of pickles and even a plum and pear carpaccio dessert all have in common in a Thermomix® household? That’s right – they were all prepared using a Thermomix® Cutter! This ingenious new accessory for the Thermomix® TM6 and TM5 is a market first and offers four different cutting functions from a single disc thanks to the disc’s two-sided cutting surfaces and the bi-directional rotation of the Thermomix® kitchen appliance.

The Thermomix® Cutter offers four functions: Thick and thin slicing plus thick and thin grating.

The slicing functions are on side 1 of the cutting disc (dark side), while the grating functions are on side 2 of the cutting disc (light side). The thickness of slicing or grating is determined simply by the direction of rotation. Normal (clockwise) rotation will produce thick slices or strips, while anti-clockwise rotation results in thin slices or strips. A gentle and steady push is all you need for optimal cutting results. It’s as simple as that.

These four cutting options are the key to unlocking culinary creativity in the kitchen and preparing many recipes that before might have seemed too adventurous or like too much work. With the Thermomix® Cutter, it’s all effortless: thick slices, thin slices, a mixture of both; thin and thick grating or, again, a mixture of both. Let your inner chef decide!

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