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Day in The Life of a Thermomix TM6: From Pancake Parties to Noodle Soup Surprises

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Welcome to the Blog! We are previewing a Day in the Life of the TM6 machine and recounting how often it was used over what we consider a slow weekend. We’ve included all the formal recipes from Cookidoo, but we’ve improvised quite a lot, and we’re breaking them down. You can also watch a short video on Instagram. Let’s get started!

Watch the Day in a Life video on Instagram.

#1 – 8:00 am – Pancake Party for Breakfast

Our kitchen fun started a little late on weekends as we enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in. My 6-year-old chef-in-training hopped into the kitchen with a mischievous grin, ready to take on the day’s culinary adventure—today’s breakfast of choice was Oats and Banana Pancakes. We decided between milling the oats and making them into flour or using porridge oats and adding it as is; we chose the latter for added texture. It is fascinating that a 6-year-old or anyone, no matter the age, who knows how to read, can easily whip up a simple recipe with very minimal adult supervision as we did here. Through cooking with Thermomix, children discover a world of flavor, acquire new skills and cultivate interest in high-quality food while fostering creativity. It’s a win-win. This breakfast took ten minutes, from mixing all the ingredients into the TM6 to serving it to the kids. Who doesn’t love a no-effort meal to start the day?

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#2 – 8:15 am – Dad’s Fruity Protein Shake

Next in line is Dad, on a mission to conquer the day with a fruity protein shake – he is all about the gains! With Thermomix’s smooth blending skills, we whipped up a berry-loaded liquid meal full of flavours without spills and waste — just a perfectly blended protein shake to fuel him up for the day ahead.

Pro Tip: add your favourite protein shake powder for added boost of nutrition.

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#3 – 8:30 am – Matcha Made in Heaven

Now it’s my turn for a moment of indulgence. Boba Matcha Coffee is a delicious treat that feels like a mini-vacation in a cup. I tweaked the Cookidoo recipe and added a homemade boba—this is the beauty of Cookidoo; it allows you to fit into your taste, wishes, and convenience. I confidently operated the Thermomix as a barista extraordinaire. The creamy matcha goodness flowed effortlessly into my cup, with no complex machine to manage and, most importantly, no additional gadgets to clean, just that one bowl that even cleans itself. While the kids took their time to savour their breakfast, I sat back and enjoyed my coffee oasis! Oh, Let us know if you want the recipe for the homemade Boba.

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#4 – 12:30 pm – Lunch in a Layered Cooking Perfection

As the clock ticked closer to lunchtime, we were ready to tackle a hearty meal. Today was all about cooking what’s in the pantry, and we accidentally ordered quite a bit of potato a while ago. We browsed through Cookidoo, and the Irish Potato Soup was perfect – this is when Thermomix’s layered cooking made the process a breeze. While the soup was cooking, I thought to load some protein, so the Salmon went into the Varoma dish to be steamed. As the ingredients artfully danced in the mixing bowl, the soup came together like a culinary symphony. The steamed salmon and the homemade croutons from a leftover bread we made a day before added elegance, making lunchtime feel like a fancy restaurant. We have picky eaters at home, but with this combination, everyone’s taste buds were satisfied.

Pro Tip: When cooking milk-based soup, please do not set the temperature to Varoma; it will burn the milk and make it foam. Maintain the temperature between 95 to 100 degrees Celsius only. It will not cook the fish, so once the soup is finished, remove it from the bowl and set aside. Fill the bowl with .5 liter of water and return the chicken or fish. Set it in the varoma temperature for 5 minutes, depending on how you want your protein done, and finish steaming that way.

Pro Tip: To avoid an extended cooking period, replace milk with water or broth so the varoma setting can be activated, and the protein steams while the soup cooks.

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#5 – 4:00 pm – Nice Cream Delight

Afternoon snack time, my little chef returned to the kitchen, asking for something to make. Nice Cream, the healthy ice cream alternative, and with the 45 degrees temperature outside, this recipe was begging to be made. My 6-year-old proudly donned a chef’s hat, picked her frozen fruits, which are Strawberry and Mango, and easily followed Thermomix’s simple steps; no kitchen explosions, no mess, and no additional tool needed – just pure, delightful Nice Cream that tastes like a tropical paradise in a bowl.

Pro tip: Let the kids choose their favourite frozen fruits and to make it more special put the nice cream in a waffle cone.

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#6 – 7:30 pm – Chicken Noodle Soup with a Twist

Dinner time brought more culinary exploration — Chicken Noodle Soup was the plan, but with the absence of chicken and egg noodles in our inventory, we simply improvised. Armed with vermicelli and meat, we transformed the dish into a delightful surprise! With the meat as a substitute, we had to extend the simmering time by 10 minutes to make it softer and more decadent. The next time we make it, we’ll try chicken to compare which one we like best.

As the day winded down, and by the 6th time we used the Thermomix, I realised, I served my family six delicious healthy meals without going to the supermarket, ordering takeouts, washing tons of dishes, and with more time spent with them on a lazy and very hot weekend. And while six times might seem a lot, we typically use our TM6 much more; for example, we bake bread or cakes, mix drinks, and at night before bed, we make yogurt to ferment overnight and be ready to be used the following day. Still, today was a great day; our bellies were full, and we got to savour wonderful flavours and each other’s company a little more.

Pro tip: When switching to meat from chicken, cut it into smaller pieces and extend the cooking time by 5 minutes to ensure the meat is tender.

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Our Thermomix has become our cherished culinary team member, adding joy, convenience, and laughter to every meal. From pancake parties to noodle soup surprises, it’s clear that with the unrivalled combination of Thermomix and Cookidoo by our side, cooking has become a delightful adventure that brings our family closer together. Here’s to more tasty escapades and kitchen magic!



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  • Would love the recipe for homemade boba! Thanks for all the great ideas in this post. You reminded me that I can cook a protein or vegetables in the Varoma when I’m steaming rice!

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