AMT Braise Pan 28cm with Lid

AED 785,00

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Product Specifications

A deep frying pan with high walls, intended for simmering dishes. It can also be used for frying multi-ingredient dishes. Thanks to the 10mm thick base, the pan retains heat for longer, distributing it evenly over the surface of the entire pan – the stewing process takes up to 20% shorter, allowing to preserve more nutrients in the prepared meals. Ergonomic shape ensures optimal steam circulation, thanks to which the food is soft and juicy. It is also covered with a Lotan® coating, allowing frying without the use of fat and quick washing without a large amount of detergent.

Product features

  • Dimensions 70(H)mm
  • Material Cast Aluminium
  • Weight 2.084kg
  • Colour Black
  • Fast heat-up
  • Induction safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Energy efficient design – better heat transfer and retention
  • Premium Lotan non-stick surface
  • Easy-clean design


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