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Revolutionise Your Kitchen
with Thermomix®
The Ultimate Kitchen Robot

Transform the Way You Cook at Home

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Effortless Cooking Mastery

Bid farewell to time-consuming meal preparations. Our ultimate kitchen robot – Thermomix® TM6 saves you valuable time and money by optimising ingredient usage and reducing food waste, without compromising on the rich flavours that make your meals exceptional.

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Experience Culinary Brilliance

With Thermomix® TM6, your culinary aspirations know no bounds. It replaces over 20 kitchen appliances, streamlining your cooking space and empowering you to create extraordinary dishes with ease.

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Events on the Horizon

Thermomix® Sensor Cooking Class
Join us for the live unveiling and demonstration of the Thermomix Sensor. Experience firsthand the benefits of precise temperature control and consistency in your recipes. Space is limited, so book your spot now!

🗓️ Date & Time: Wednesday, 8th May, 10 am - 1pm
📍 Location: Thermomix® Dubai Office
💵 Booking fee required

Status: Finished

What's New at Thermomix®?

Temperature Control to the Last Degree

Say farewell to the days of overbaked cakes and undercooked bread. With the revolutionary Thermomix® Sensor, you no longer have to rely on guesswork to determine if your recipe is perfectly cooked.

It’s time to transform every anxious “Is this baked inside too?” moment into a confident “I know it is!”

Cookidoo® Created Recipes - New Features in Town

Introducing the new sharing feature, which enables you to share your Created Recipes with friends and family. From now on your creations can reach any part of the world!

Unveiling Voices of Satisfaction

Based on 116 reviews
Bouchra Bakach
Bouchra Bakach
9 April 2024
The best tool one should have in the kitchen. I recommend everyone to buy it.
Jillian M. Pandor
Jillian M. Pandor
8 April 2024
Absolutely in love with my Thermomix - as a working mom with 2 kids age 3 and under, this is literally the only way to ensure home cooked meals. Even my nanny is able to use it 😊. I don’t have anything but good words to say about the brand. Cosmina was extremely helpful throughout this entire process and still is an amazing contact person as questions arise!
Andreea Goetz
Andreea Goetz
21 March 2024
I am very happy with the Thermomix, i use it almost every day. I just bought new accessories now and i am very excited to try it. The staff are very friendly and professional.
Cosmina Condrat
Cosmina Condrat
17 March 2024
Best team to work with. Best way to make families happy. Being able to bring restaurant quality dishes cooked with guided recipes and with minimal time spent in the kitchen is my goal.
Ingrid B.
Ingrid B.
8 March 2024
Buying thermomix was the best thing I have done, I cannot live without it now, it is my Chef! I would highly recommend this product. Ingrid
David & Jane McMorrow
David & Jane McMorrow
6 March 2024
Absolutely love the Thermomix and Thermomix Middle East is the most helpful in all things Thermomix - purchasing the Thermomix and accessories, recipe books etc and assisting in all the tips and tricks to using it - lessons and events showing different techniques and recipes and all the Thermomix staff and consultants are amazing 🥰
Zhour Aarab
Zhour Aarab
5 February 2024
The place is amazing very friendly people and helpful. I bought Thermomix for two years now it make life easy and the food is very healthy and tasty.
Image of a Thermomix recipe with ingredients and preparation method.

Explore Our Culinary Adventures

Our blog has officially launched, and we invite you to join our culinary community.

Join us on our blog and be a part of something truly delicious. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the table and how your culinary contributions will inspire food enthusiasts around the world.

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Become a Member of the Thermomix® Family

Join our Thermomix® team and discover the advantages of working independently promoting this innovative, multi-functional kitchen appliance, which is used and loved by so many people all over the world. Introduce people to a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle and make friends for life!

Image of women that are Thermomix consultants having a good time.


Thermomix® takes care of the chopping, mixing and cooking so that you have more time for family and friends.



Smart at heart – packed with innovative technology, the new Thermomix® makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious dishes.



Discover new ideas and mouth-watering recipes every day in the world’s largest digital guided cookbook.



The ultimate kitchen robot – Thermomix® guides you through each recipe step by step, guaranteeing great results every time you cook.



Unleash your creativity in the kitchen – with over 20 different functions including browning, slow cooking and fermenting.

Our Valued Clients

Renowned worldwide recognised brands have chosen Thermomix® as their preferred kitchen solution. Our cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence make us the trusted choice for elevating culinary experiences. Top industry professionals rely on Thermomix® to meet their high standards thanks to the sophisticated innovation that defines our brand.

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